George Danos for Auditor

A professional CPA who will oversee—not overlook—Champaign County's expenditures.

I am proud to have the News-Gazette’s endorsement

Shortly after the candidate forum, the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette made their first endorsement for the 2018 general election: Danos for Auditor. The first paragraph has the following language:

The News-Gazette endorses Democrat George Danos, a certified public accountant who is more than up to the job. He faces Republican Diane Michaels, a former banker and county board member who was appointed to fill the vacancy created when former auditor John Farney was appointed to fill a vacant treasurer’s post.

In 2016, I came within 36 votes of toppling Farney, who, as the News-Gazette mentions in its endorsement of me, saw fit to depart his post after such a narrow victory. Our county deserves commitment and competence from its elected officials, the more so when the county budget faces widening shortfalls:

The auditor serves not only as an overseer of county finances but also as a check on spending practices throughout the county. It’s especially important given the county’s shaky financial situation.

As a triple alumnus of the University of Illinois and as an accountant who made critical discoveries in behalf of maintaining the solvency of his employer and thus a plurality of health providers here in East Central Illinois, it is my aim to vouchsafe the financial position of the County as a whole and to be a vigorous advocate of the taxpayer.

Please let me know how you would like to see county governance improved by writing me at

I would appreciate your vote on (or before!) November 6.



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