Farney illegally uses “CPA” on his financial reports and violates County policy

Farney uses my Candidate Forum correction to his PAFR, but pretends it’s his original work

Discrepancy in Farney’s credit-card narrative

WCIA did a nice job tonight describing my critique of Farney’s handing of the use of the county-issued credit card by his across-the-hall colleague. Farney was unaware, by his own admission, of Joe Meents’ September and October billings until November of last year. He notes that Meents paid his own bill BUT he did not notice that Meents did so two days late in October, thereby incurring late fees and penalties on that same credit card.


WCCU-TV was dutiful in following up on my press release about Farney’s illegal use of the title “CPA” in his official Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. He had waived off his $12.4 Million dollar error on the Statement of Net Position because it “was not a legal document”. Ironically, his legal document is the one with his illegal use of the CPA title. Tell me if you find the video link—it does not seem to be available on this story anymore. Nevertheless, Fox records the transcript from the clip:


The News-Gazette reported on two issues from the September 29 debate: The incorrect Statement of Net Position in the Popular Annual Financial Report as well as the fact that the county paid for four months the illegal charges by the previous Supervisor of Assessments on his county-issued credit card.