Hello! My name is George Danos.

I’m a longtime resident of Champaign and Illinois alumnus who seeks to be the first CPA elected Champaign County Auditor. I decided to run for County Auditor because recent news items underscore how much we need an auditor who can master the budget, firm up internal controls, and upgrade the record-keeping and transparency of the office. As an accountant at EY in the field of Tax Technology and Data Analytics, I will make sure that our proposed transition away from the antiquated AS400 system is smooth and that data we already have is placed in the public’s hands.

Also, as a financial analyst who has done forecasting and auditing at Christie Clinic and PersonalCare HMO, I have the requisite experience for this office, which requires engaged leadership and competence in financial and quantitative matters. With a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Actuarial Science, I also bring a skill set that complements that of the staff CPA in the Auditor’s office.

As a recent Math instructor (CFT–Local 1925), I have taught at Centennial High School, Parkland College, and at the University of Illinois. My commitment to posterity extends to making sure that today’s students are not burdened with additional public debt as future taxpayers—and thus, I am especially motivated to keep our budget balanced. After all, inter-generational equity is an important progressive value.

As auditor, I shall reinvigorate the office by:

· Auditing the use of county-issued credit cards and recommend firmer internal controls
· Restoring the tradition of Auditor as our public watchdog
· Increasing transparency of the office and county finances in general
· Enforcing law, statutes (ILCS) and good practice on all expenditures
· Conferring with the County Board in an objective, advisory role
· Examining revenue and spending trends closely to ensure Champaign County’s fiscal health

With your help, on November 6, 2018 we can elect an Auditor candidate dedicated to the idea that diligence in pursuit of fiduciary duty is good politics!